Carbon Look

Hot Press

IMP 699 BS is design to be pre-formed under mild heating; the preform obtained is stable at 20-23°C and can be processed days after preforming or, in high automated process, immediately by hot press.

IMP 699 BS is developed to assure cosmetic and UV resistance for the composites parts obtained by fast curing process in high volume production; with is thermal and mechanical performances can be used to obtain composite parts for Automotive, Industrial and sporting goods markets.

Curing cycle: from 3 min at 160 °C


IMP503Z is the classic “Carbon look” system with Tg of 120°, can be used with carbon or metallic mould with the standard technologies: Hot Press, Wrapping, Autoclave and Vacuum Bag.

IMP503Z-HT is suitable for high cosmetic requirements as “carbon look “composites where an operating temperature greater than IMP503Z is required (140 °C Tg). Very good mechanical properties and high UV resistance.

Low Temperature

Modified epoxy resin IMP620 is a low temperature curing systems developed for automotive, sporting goods and marine sectors.

Curing temperature from 65 °C

These systems are available with every kind of reinforcement: carbon fiber, glass fiber, natural fiber, recycled carbon fibers and other technical fibers.